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The Grounds For Giving Market


Coffee is our nation’s second largest import – exceeded only by oil.  The annual US retail coffee market is estimated at $4 billion. 164,000,000 Americans drink coffee.

In the United States, there are 750,000 charities, 1.6 million non-profit organizations, 370,000 churches, 90,000 public schools, and 28,000 private schools – a total of more than 2.8 million organizations that raise money through fundraisers each year.  Product sales through fundraising are estimated at over $10 billion annually.

Unique Market Intersection

Grounds For Giving (GFG) has established a unique intersection of these markets – distributing a widely consumed product – coffee – through a different channel – fundraising – which has proven to be an effective distribution channel for many other products.

GFG has penetrated the fundraising market by presenting the program to professional fundraising consultants), who in turn have marketed the GFG coffee program to their existing client base of schools, non-profits, and churches. The organizations have in turn marketed the program to their supporters and to local area businesses as a way to ‘painlessly’ support the organization.  The businesses have marketed GFG coffee to their employees and in some cases, their customers, to increase support for the charitable cause.

40% of All Initial Sales go to the Charity/Organization

Where does the money come from?    

How can GFG charge a competitive price for its coffee, and still donate so much money to charity?

Quite simply, the money comes from the elimination of two steps of middlemen in the retail coffee chain.  These middlemen are brokers and anonymous companies who warehouse and ship the coffee from one storage location to another – and add no value.  By selling directly from the roaster to the consumer, GFG transfers the profit normally earned by anonymous middlemen to worthwhile local, national and international charitable causes.

Non-Profits are enthusiastic about the GFG program – Recurring Income

Non-profit organizations are very receptive to the Grounds For Giving marketing program.  These organizations (and the fundraising professionals who sell products through them) are demanding new programs to replace the tired year after year sales of candy bars or wrapping paper.


The Grounds For Giving marketing concept creates a unique opportunity to generate a continuous income stream as supporters (both businesses and consumers) re-order their gourmet coffee every month. 





The Grounds For Giving program is unique and is applicable to all charities, churches, and non-profit organizations.  Coffee is an ideal product for fundraising for the following reasons:

·        Coffee is commonly consumed both at home and at the office (as mentioned earlier, 164 million adults drink coffee

·        Coffee is a consumable staple beverage that lends itself to continuing monthly auto-ship orders.

·        Direct ship monthly subscriptions are the best way to create passive income for the charities.




Fundraising programs using Grounds For Giving Coffee will involve three elements:

1.      Traditional fundraising activities including pre-sale and out of hand sale

2.      Local business partnerships

3.      Monthly auto-ship subscription orders

Why Is Gourmet Coffee A Natural For Fundraising?


1                    Coffee Is Our Country’s 2nd Largest Import (Second Only To Oil)

2                    164,000,000 Americans Drink Coffee

3                    Household Staple (They’re Buying Coffee Anyway)

4                    Great Value For The Customer, Less Than 30 cents Per Cup.

5                    Gift Boxed Sets Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

6                    Gourmet Coffee is the next “Hot Product” in Fundraising. Get on board early!


Gourmet Coffee is the perfect program to present to schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations who have asked for something new and different to help support their cause.

                                              Great Sales Story

The GFG program provides 40% PROFIT on INITIAL ORDERS and 25% RESIDUAL INCOME on ALL REORDERS and GFG ships directly to their customers. The school or organization receives a check monthly.


GIFT BOX SETS of Gourmet Coffee at a $10.00 price make the perfect GIFT for:


  • Teachers
  • Mailman
  • UPS Driver
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives

As a Lions Club member for the last 20+ years I understand the need for a GREAT FUNDRAISING PROGRAM and at last here is one that we can all be thrilled about.

For more information and a Quick Start on more FUNDS please CALL me at 405-760-8069 or e-mail me at



Below is an example of an organization that has been running a candy bar or cookie dough fundraiser each year with a total sale of $10,000.  Once the fundraising activity is over, the income is over.  With the GFG coffee fundraiser the income continues throughout the year

This example assumes 5% of people who try the coffee re-order on a monthly basis to support the organization.


Fundraising Vehicle

Total Sale

Organizations Residual Income from Re-orders



$375.00 / month ($4,500/year)

Candy Bars




Organizations immediately grasp the power of the continuing revenue, and are motivated to publicize and promote the program to their supporters.

Nearly Universal Consumer Acceptance of the Idea

Our market research has included charitable organizations, business leaders, fundraising professionals and many gourmet coffee drinkers.  Everyone involved immediately grasps the difference with our Grounds For Giving gourmet coffee marketing program – a residual income for the organization as businesses and individuals subscribe to their favorite blends shipped directly to their offices or homes.

There is also a universal acceptance of the idea by consumers.  An individual’s loyalty to charity, church or school is very strong.



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